Vilém Flusser

"It is a great pleasure to have found a critic like you."
(Vilém Flusser in a letter to Harun Farocki in March 1986).

In the mid-1980s, Farocki read and reviewed Vilém Flusser's books on photography and the "Universe of Technical Images," which had just been published in German. In November 1985, he met the theorist in a Berlin café for an impromptu analysis of the current BILD newspaper front page. Flusser's thinking is manifest, explicitly and implicitly, in Farocki's films of the 1980s. It forms an important building block for what Farocki later described as the "operational image." In other cases, listed here as "related works," Farocki's interest in gestures is prominent, evoking, perhaps, Flusser's idea of a "gestology."


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